I had pipes breaks in the 3rd floor bath and had to remove vinyl flooring and subfloor to replace damaged pipes. The contractor then installed ceramic tile, which raised the level of the floor. He did not take into account that the higher floor would affect the re-connection of the radiator. The heating lines coming out of the floor are now too short to connect to the radiator. I have terminated my contractor (he also flooded the 3rd floor 3 times while working on this project) I had another plumber come in to give me an estimate to reconnect the radiator and re-install the tub, sink and toilet. His solution is to tear up the tile floor, or go to the 2nd floor and break though the ceiling to lengthen the supply lines for the radiator. I do not wish to do either. Any suggestions? Is there some way to lengthen the pipes as they are without tearing in to the ceiling or floor?