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    Default Lead toilet drain

    I'm redoing an old bathroom and found the toilet piping to be lead. The new floor is going to be about a 1/2" lower then the old one leaving the flange too high. Can i just trim the lead pipe and reshape the top or should i replace the pipe with pvc, since the cast drain is exposed. If i can reshape the lead is there a tool i should use or just peen it over with a ball/peen hammer. Thanks

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    Default Re: Lead toilet drain

    James, I would recommend cutting out the lead drain and installing a new toilet flange with 3" abs or pvc. You can cut out the cast clost bend and no hub to the stub that is left coming out of the santee, or cut out the santee and lower the drain if needed. You can buy cast iron abrasive sawzall blades for this.

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