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    Default To strip or not to strip

    We are moving into a 1892 victorian home in a few weeks. All built in cabinets, buffet, trim and moulding are painted white. The wood (according to records) was painted in 1920's, but was originally bird's eye maple. We would like to take off the paint and go natural. I have heard that stripping wood can sometimes remove value - is this accurate?



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    Stripping antique furniture of its original finish can seriously devalue a piece. Stripping wood work that has been painted will not. The paint is not the original finish and as far as I know wood work is not valued like antique furniture.
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    ***! Birds eye maple trim in a house. Just the thought of that sight makes me giddy. How awesome. As far as stripping it goes, the value and interest of a home with trim like that would not only be unique but priceless.
    To remove the paint from it, Google "silent paint remover". It is one cool tool. I first heard about it on TOH years ago and have a reason to use it from time to time. It is an infra red light that heats the layers of paint to 300-400 degrees and softens it so you sc**** it right off. It heats an area about the size of a shoe box at a time. It sounds too simple but it is. You will need a variety of scraping implements to reach corners and details. After the paint is removed you will need to do a little sanding to smooth up the surfaces but anything is better than the chemical alternatives.

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