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    Lightbulb Resetting Slate Treads on Brick Porch

    The slate treads on my brick porch came loose, and I found that most of the mortar underneath has deteriorated. I took the 2" treads off, and cleaned off the 3/4" old mortar and the brick surfaces. Now that I'm ready to reset the treads, I'm wondering if anyone can advise of an appropriate procedure. Should I just use 3/4 to 1" of mortar (like Quikrete type M), or build forms around the brick risers to this depth first? Should I butter the treads, and if so, with what?

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    Default Re: Resetting Slate Treads on Brick Porch

    i can't answer your first questions but can tell you that you want to wet and let it soak in the slate before you set mortar on it.

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