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    Question Ants coming through Heating and Cooling duct work

    Ants are coming into the house through the slab foundation Heating and Cooling duct system
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    I have a house that is in central Indiana and was built on a slab by National Homes in the mid 1950's.My problem is that I think the foundation may have cracks in it that leads to having ants coming into the Heating and Cooling duct system. The ants come up through the vents and into the house. There are no visible signs of cracks or sinking of the foundation. The problem is worse when the ground is really saturated which in turn drives the ants closer to the surface and to the foundation. My question is. Is there any way to reseal the Heating and Cooling duct tunnels to keep the ants out of the house.Sprays and ant traps in the duct work doesn't seem to be doing the job of keeping the ants out.. I welcome your comments and suggestions.
    Thanks so much!
    Respectfully, Randy Bowden

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    Default Re: Ants coming through Heating and Cooling duct work

    The only thing I can suggest is using duct tape with peel-off backing and putting it on every joint on the duct work to eliminate access. If that doesn't work, than I think you may just need to call an exterminator.

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