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    Default Hydraulic Test on Toilets

    My neighbour complains of water leaks from my toilets to his basement. I asked a plumber to find the leak, and he suggested an hydraulic test, which involves:
    1) taking out the toilets
    2) blocking the drain
    3) adding water to the toilet hole
    4) wait to see if the water level stays (pipes ok) or goes down slowly (pipes filtering out water).

    The cost and time are outrageous. When I suggested running the test WITHOUT taking out the toilets, he said no, because of the curve in the pipe inside the toilet, holding air and preventing the test.

    My suggestion was to take out the air with a syringe and plastic tubing.

    Who is right?

    Thanks for any clue!

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    Default Re: Hydraulic Test on Toilets

    Personally I wouldn't waste time trying to siphon the air out.
    The drain is going to blocked off somewhere down the line anyway .... just fill the drain line from the toilet with your hose or bucket .... the air inside the siphon trap will be evacuated this way.
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    Default Re: Hydraulic Test on Toilets

    why the resistance to pulling the toilets? you'd have to block the vents to. its not that difficult to reseat a toilet with a new wax ring.

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