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    Question 101 yr. old hardwood floors

    After sanding the hardwood floors in the parlor room of our 1907 Victorian farmhouse we noticed how dry the wood was.There are large gaps in between the tongue and grooves and the tops of the blanks.Should we condition or oil the wood to replenish the moisture? If so what do we use? We plan to stain and poly after any conditioning. Thanks, Vic 1907

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    Default Re: 101 yr. old hardwood floors

    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to restore the wood to the original width.
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    Default Re: 101 yr. old hardwood floors

    I have a 110+ yo house too, with cedar floors. I refinished one room, and have gaps between the boards. I look at it as giving the floor character, that's part of the allure that I see in old houses.

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