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    Default Door Casing too wide

    I want to install 1x4 molding with a back band on my interior windows and doors. The issue is that the profile will be too wide for some doors (near corners etc.). How should this be handled for those instances use a smaller molding (1x3) with back band or eliminate the back band and cut 1x to width?

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    Default Re: Door Casing too wide

    I have seen it done two ways. Separate backband left off entirely on short side, or cut down narrower, but crowding it over is mostly not done. (It's OK if the movement is slight, like 1/4" or less) If it were a solid molding, casing and backband molded in one, carving down the edge would be the only way.
    But anyway; mock it up, take a look at it for yourself, and go with what you like.
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