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    Default Wood counters, kitchen - bad edges

    My boyfriend and I just cut some woof countertops for our kitchen and had a problem with the saw. It really messed up the edges, and if we sand them down so that they look right, they'll be too short. Is there any end cap or edging we can put on to mask the horror we've created, or do we have to just go out and buy a new slab and start again? Any hints, tricks, tips, and suggestions would be greatly greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Wood counters, kitchen - bad edges

    Posting a couple pics would be helpful. Kinda hard to suggest potential remedies for a problem we can't see.

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    Default Re: Wood counters, kitchen - bad edges

    If you have a laminate countertop with a wood edge it all depends on how the edging was applied. If the edging was applied after the laminate, it is held down with wood glue and you can carefully remove it and replace it with another strip of wood edging. If it was applied first and then laminate laid over the top, it is going to be very difficult to take the wood off without breaking the laminate. Best bet is to cut the edging off and then replace it that way.

    However, if that sounds like too much work, you have a third option. That is to buy a strip of matching laminate, sand the wood down, and the apply the laminate with a contact adhesive to hide the wood edge.

    Pictures would help.

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