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    Default Replacement windows on stucco house

    My home is 11 years old and is block construction with aluminum single pane windows. I want to upgrade to impact reistant dual pane replacement windows. I have seen how to replace windows in wood frame construction but what is the process for a home like mine?

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    Default Re: Replacement windows on stucco house

    I just did the same thing with my windows and there are two options. One is to rip out the track and frame of the old windows, then repair the stucco after you install the new windows. You'd just give the measurements to the window company and they'll either build it custom or provide you stock sizes.

    The other option, which I did, was buy vinyl windows. I even had them installed by the mfr. since they come with a lifetime guarantee. They just took out the windows and left the frames.

    The new window frames have a "C" shaped frame that fits over and straddles the old frame. They leave it in place. They caulk everything and fill the new frames with foam for insulation. They install trim on both sides of the window and caulk everything in place. I had 13 windows and 6 sliding glass doors installed in one day. I fell in love with the lifetime guarantee. Can't beat it.

    Good Luck.

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