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    Default Installing a Ceiling Fan

    I would like to install a ceiling fan in one of my rooms but have doubts if it's wired correctly for it. I'm replacing an old flush mounted light on a dimmer switch. House built in 1885, no idea when the electric was upgraded last. I dismantled the light. Coming out of the box was a white wire, A black one and the ground. Is this sufficient to wire a ceiling fan? In my attempt I could get the light on the fan to turn on/off but never the fan motor to operate. I ended up putting the old lamp back,

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    Default Re: Installing a Ceiling Fan

    Three things come immediately to mind. Others may think of something else.

    First is that most fans do not like dimmer switches. You should swap that out with a regular switch if you have not already done that.

    Second is that there were probably a blue and a black wire in the fan assembly. Both should be wire-nutted to the black wire in the ceiling box. All the whites should be wire-nutted together in the ceiling box.

    Thirdly, did you check to see if the existing box was rated for the weight of the fan? Fan boxes are more "heavy duty". I also always try to mount the box to a 2x4 that is between the ceiling rafters for additional support.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Installing a Ceiling Fan

    Ditto on everything BP said... especially the parts about securing the mounting box and replacing the dimmer with a switch.

    If you still want the light to dim you can purchase a remote that controls a receiver that you mount in the canopy. This will also allow you to control the light and fan independantly without pulling a new wire.

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