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    Default Wood floor in basement

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on This Old House.

    My wife and I just went under contract to purchase a house. At the home inspection, the inspector noted that the floor under the finished basement is wood, not concrete. He said wood is more likely to retain moisture and rot, and possibly attract termites. He recommended we replace the wood floor with concrete. We asked his guess about the cost of doing this and he said it would be about $10,000.

    The house is approximately 90 years old. It underwent a significant renovation in 2003 and the basement was finished then, though we don't know how old the wood floor in the basement is. (The current owners of the house bought it after it was renovated.) The basement shows no signs that it has had flooding issues.

    I'm curious if others have experience and/or opinions about this. How important is it to replace the wood floor with concrete? How should we go about thinking about the issue?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Wood floor in basement

    If this wood is simply on top of dirt then it wouldn't be a stable or lasting substrate and would need to be replaced as your inspector indicated.
    This raises the question of this renovation having been done with permits and inspections.

    Unless this is a wood structual floor ---- which would mean there would be a crawl space underneath --- this wouldn't be an issue. Based on the age of the home I doubt this would be the case.
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