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    Post How to remove textured paint?

    Trying to clean up a basement hallway that was painted years ago with a corse textured (sand) paint. What would be the best way to remove/smooth out the walls short of replacing the sheetrock?

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    I know of no way to get the sand texture off the wall and leave the drywall paper intact. Your options short of replacing the drywall are two: 1. skim coat drywall mud over the entire wall and sand smooth using a sanding block. 2. It is possible to slice a portion of the drywall paper from the wall.The remaining paper can then be sanded and sealed in with an oil based primer. Then a thin coat of drywall mud can be skim coated over the primer. The wall then re-primed with drywall primer and then painted. Neither option is much fun. It is time consuming, but can be done.

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