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    On the 2nd story of our house the floor drops in one area about 2 inches over 10 feet. I saw on and old This Old House episode with Bob Vila (tells you how old it is) a leveling compound that was a semi-dry, crumbly sort of material rather than being a slurry that self levels. The are was filled in to a level line on the wall and sc****d off even. The compound then dried hard and as I recall was not as heavy as the liquid type leveling compounds. Also it allowed you to fill in against the wall and didn't leak through to next room or the room below. Is anyone familiar with this product and can you direct me to it.

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    2 inch difference is a fair bit . Rather than hiding the problem you might want to address the cause of the drop.
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    Here's a link to dry pack mortar, but I did not take the time to calculate if it's lighter or heavier than traditional wet-bed floor mud.
    It has a minimum thickness of an inch, so it does not get feathered out like SLC.
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