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    Default Bathroom Remodel-Uses for Knotty Pine

    I am planning to remodel basement bathroom which currently has knotty pine on two walls - is there any use for this material, is in very good condition and it's all over the basement making it dark. I am considering beadboard or wainscoting rather than tile for the wall to keep the cost low. A friend suggested knotty pine can be painted and used still - any ideas?

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    Default Re: Bathroom Remodel-Uses for Knotty Pine

    I think you should paint it. I have seen it done and it looks great if you are careful and follow the basic steps:



    3) Nail down any loose seams and caulk to fill gaps.

    4) Prime it with 2 coats of shellac based primer.
    The shellac is what blocks the knots from bleeding through.
    Let it dry overnight and
    5) Paint with a good latex acrylic paint, 2 coats.

    Good luck!
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