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    Default Non yellowing oil based paint

    Is there a particular brand of oil based paint that does not yellow (to be used on new doors and casings) TY

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    Default Re: Non yellowing oil based paint

    Hi Sokasitz,

    They'll all do that...some faster than others.

    Since "Oils" are soon gonna be a dinosaur, convert to a good Latex for trims; such as Cabinet-Coat by Insl-X, or ACE's Cabinet/Door/& Trim paint.

    These particular Latexes have some Alkyd resins in them, but they're surrounded by Latex binders. Therefore, these are a "Hybrid" paint. The ACE version is VOC-Legal everywhere.
    They also "Level" very well...
    * Brush out a smooth even coat with a very good brush.
    * Don't "dust" with the brush...use just a few light/long/smooth strokes.
    * If you're still brushing an area 45 seconds later, it's too much!
    * Lay out the even coat, and walk away 'till the next day. 24 hrs. is required for coat to level. Apply 2nd coat, wait another day.
    * Then...***! This stuff levels nice!

    We've had many favorable comments on this stuff!!


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