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    Default Cutting Giallo St. Cecilia Granite Countertop

    We have to replace our kitchen garden window as it is shot. The problem is that the PO's kitchen remodeler extended granite countertop out into the garden window. The effect is really nice but now it has to be dealt with. It is Giallo St. Cecilia and was told by the Pella rep that it was a variation that is very hard to cut or work around without cracking. A Champion rep said that it probably wouldn't be a problem to cut at all. Who is right?

    We would love to save the continuity of the counter however we don't want to risk someone ripping the window off, that I am sure would be a disaster.

    Longmont, CO

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    Default Re: Cutting Giallo St. Cecilia Granite Countertop

    no it is not one of the harder granites. a good circular saw a water bottle to keep misting the blade and a good quality diamond blade. when cutting only cut 1/3 of the depth at a time. other wise it will create to much heat and warp the blade making the cutting even more difficult

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