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    My wife wanted me to repair a door that was "ajar". I said I would try but that I had never seen a door that looked like a jar so I wasn't sure if I could repair it or not.

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    I remember renting a Chrysler LeBaron convertible back during the height of the K-Car (Dodge Aries, etc.). This car was so smart it would talk to you with a voice that sounded like a stadium announcer saying things like, "Your lights are on," and "Please fasten your seatbelts."

    Well if you were moving and a door was open, it would announce, "A door is ajar," to which I always responded saying, "No it's not! A door is a door, it's not a jar....."
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    Default Re: Door ajar wife said after i installed the french doors that one of em' looked cocked....I just kinda glimpsed over my shoulder at her and kept walkin'
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    Quote Originally Posted by andybuildz View Post wife said after i installed the french doors that one of em' looked cocked..
    That's the French for ya.

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