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    Default Basement Shower Remodel Question

    Hi all,

    I'm going to remodel my basement shower. The shower was done only about 10 years ago, but it was done wrong. I have water leaking out of the bottom of the shower and it's corroding the studs.

    I plan on pulling up the floor and one row of the 6"x8" wall tiles. I will then lay a new preslope, liner and mud bed. I have two questions...

    1) The drain pipe is as old as the house and thats about 60 years. I'm 99% sure this is a cast iron pipe. Do you think this drain pipe needs replacing? If so, would I need to jackhammer the sub floor to get to it and have a plumber come in a attach a PVC drain? Is this even possible?

    2) The shower has one wall that is solid concrete (it's a basement). This wall has two layers of tile on it (the original tile and the tile set 10 years ago). How will I attach the new shower liner to this concrete wall? Can I just lay the liner up against the concrete wall and attach some durock on top of it? Then tile?

    Thank you in advance.
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