Radon Mitigation with ASD on outside wall of house.
My CBS slab 1-level house in south Fl. has high radon levels.

1. I called several professionals and was unable to get someone to install an ASD (Active Soil Decompression) system to reduce radon levels in south Florida.
They all want to increase inside house pressure using the air-conditioning system instead.
Should I install an ASD system on the outside wall of the house myself? Why can't I get a pro to install ASD in south Fl ?

2. Should I x-ray the plumbing in order to locate the breach in the slab foundation so I can lift the bathtub or other plumbing fixture in order to polyurethane caulk any slab breaches to reduce radon ?

3. Should I lift and reseal loose floor tiles to reduce radon ? Will it make any difference ?