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    Unhappy height of stair handrail not according to code

    I just had a new staircase built, but when the inspector came, he said that the height of the handrail from the nose of the tread is not according to code, which should be34-38 inches. Ours is only 31 inches.

    Does anyone has any suggestion beside ripping-out everything and buying all the materials all over again? We already let go of our contractor, because he has been giving us problems. Now, we cannot find him either.

    I'm thinking of maybe nailing some kind of a metal handrail on top of the wooden handrail to elevate the height I don't know though if that exists.

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    Default Re: height of stair handrail not according to code

    First let me welcome you to the wonderful world of fly-by-nights masquerading as contractors and emphasizing the importances of checking references and credentials of those you hire. You have my sympathy.

    If you can post some pictures of what you have we may be able to make some recommendations. There are far to many variations of design to to make a general recommendation for your situations.

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