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    Default Extremely low hot water pressure

    The main shower/bath hot water pressure is extremely low. The cold water runs normal. When turned to the hot it just trickles. Changed the mixer valve. Still having issues.

    Any ideas you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Extremely low hot water pressure

    Could be any number of things...what sort of pipe do you have? Is this an on going issue, or did it arise quickly? If it has developed over time, and you have galvanized pipe, the build up may be restricting the flow (this typically happens first in the hot water lines of galvanized pipe). If the problem has just recently started, it is likely a clog in an in-line shut-off valve; either the one located just prior to the tub valve (usually there is one), or in a valve further downline.

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    Default Re: Extremely low hot water pressure

    Is it just in that shower?Or does the rest of the faucets do the same?

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