Maybe you can help me out. My wife son and I hear a strange noise. It is a high pitched sound that has 2 tones going back and fourth… my wife describes it like a fax machine sound, but I think it is more a an electric buzz (or like if you leave you cell phone on vibrate on the table and get a call). It only started last week…. Apparently it is in several rooms upstairs and one side of the house downstairs. My wife also says that she can hear it on that same side of the house but outside. It is more prominent at night (but I think that is just because it is quieter then).

We have unplugged the electric, but to no avail… and there is no way to find the source (ie the loudest). I also tried shutting off all of the circuits last night and the noise was still there.

Can anyone give me any suggestions, thoughts or ideas?!?!? Could it be the satellite dish? I called them and they said likely not…