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    Default replace vapor barrier?

    I'm remodeling my bathroom, one wall of which is an exterior wall. I took out all of the old drywall around the tub/shower to replace with cement board. On the exterior wall, the vapor barrier has a few small holes and cuts, and some moisture has obviously intruded to some of the fiberglass insulation behind it. The water intrusion has been pretty minor but I was wondering if I should replace the entire vapor barrier or if I can just use house wrap tape to patch up the holes. If I do replace the entire vapor barrier on that wall, how to I properly secure the barrier behind the heavy cast iron tub that sits up against that wall?

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    Default Re: replace vapor barrier?

    It's acceptable to use house wrap tape to seal small holes in the vapour barrier.

    Are you sure the vapour barrier actually goes behind the tub and if so is it secured properly? Often the vapour barrier is poorly done around tubs.
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