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    Question Pipes in Outside Wall

    We're planning a bathroom remodel, and it looks like the best way to arrange things (since we can't move walls) has the hot & cold supply plus the shower head piping, on an outside wall.

    The wall is 2x6, and we will have full access to it to insulate between the sheathing and the pipes.

    Other than the obvious problem of access if there is work that needs to be done, does anyone think this is really a bad idea?


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    Default Re: Pipes in Outside Wall

    I dont ever do this because of the climate where I live, also the fact of acessiblity. let your consciuos be your guide

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    Default Re: Pipes in Outside Wall

    If you live in a climate than has cold winters ---- bad idea.
    Huge potential of the pipes freezing. In other words they would be better off in the warn side of the room. The only time water supply piping are allowed on exterior walls is if they are on the warm side of the vapour barrier --- which means the pipes will be proud of the studs.
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