I have a small house with vinyl flooring in the living room. I do almost all of my TV viewing and office work while sitting in an office chair with wheels. Over the years the wheels have worn the vinyl thin and now there is a hole in the vinyl that is about 3 square feet. The pattern is not going to be matchable and I have chosen to repair it with a completely different pattern of peel and stick vinyl squares. I have never done this before and my biggest worry is knowing how far out to cut. I am worried that after I put down the new tiles that they will be thicker than the existing vinyl and I will have a ledge.
I would like to replace the whole floor, but this is not possible due to the amount of stuff that would have to be moved.
I need some advice on how to repair this worn spot. I am not committed to the peel and stick tiles, so any advice is good.
Thank you,