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    Default drywall bulging and seems cracking

    we have just recently put in a new heater and humidifier in our hous built in 73, the drywall is starting to buldge and crack and the seems are starting to peel up. The doors in some rooms are also not able to shut now, how can I prevent further damage and fix this issue?

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    Default Re: drywall bulging and seems cracking

    quick shut off the humidifier. or at least test to see just how saturated with moisture your interior air is. Then consider reducing the amount of water you are adding.

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    Default Re: drywall bulging and seems cracking

    Is your heater vented properly, that's the second question. An un-vented gas space heater of 40-50 year old vintage adds amazing amounts of water to the house air. DAMHIKT!
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