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Thread: eroding patio

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    My 3 season room [3sr] has 2 exposed walls and 2 walls connected to the house. Surrounding the 3sr is my patio with sand and 18" x 18" x 1 1/2" blocks. After rains the sand has been draining back under the 3sr. I know i need to fix the slope of the sand to flow away from the house, but below the 3sr is a 1.5' to 2.5' hole below grade. I want to fill it, but a friend warned me not to fill it & close it off completely for fear of trapping moisture below the 3sr. Can i fill up the hole below the 3sr? Should i staple a moiture barrier to the bottom joists of the 3sr? Any other words of wisdom?
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    I'm not sure what you've got going on, from your message. Maybe if you could add a picture or something that would help. I notice that you haven't received many responses so I guess I'm not alone in my lack of clarity. Add some better info and you may get a solution.


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    Agreed, pictures would help a lot! It sounds like the season room has developed a sink hole, due to water drainage towards the structure? Is the season room on concrete? But Iím not sure what would be wrong with back filling the hole, as long as the drainage problem is corrected. Good Luck!!!
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