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Thread: Lost Grass

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    Cool Lost Grass

    I have a two year old house in Acworth, Georgia and the backyard is very small and has a lot of shade during the day. Well, my grass died out I don't know what to do about it. The builder sodded the yard with Burmuda grass and it thrives in the front and side yards due to all the sun it gets. Right now it is still dorment, but this spring I need to have a solution in place so I can sell this house.

    My builder had his land scaper crew till the back up and sow in annual tall fiscue but it did not take very well due to all the rain we have been having around here. My wife is amd and I need to make her happy again.

    I would say my back yard gets about 90 percent shade during the summer. Can any on tell me what I should do.


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    Talk with a sod dealer about what grows best in the shade. I prefer sod over seed because it is instant green and gently usable. Within a couple of weeks you can do what you like with no worry about harming the new grass.
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