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    Default Re: Exterior uplights question - driving me crazy

    Quote Originally Posted by luke42 View Post
    Hello, flood light fixtures ... cheap-o ... home depot ....
    Thanks so much!
    Well there you have it.

    I always like kichler lighting for landscape lighting. I never had any problems with any of there stuff. Never liked malibu, not really a fan of any low volt lighting tho..

    LEDs are a good idea .. but i would put those LEDS in a quality fixture and I agree with Spruce the big orange isnt exactly a beacon of quality.

    edited to add

    You should also look very closely at the environment around the fixtures for instance;
    Is there water running from somewhere else directly onto the lense?
    maybe draining from somewhere else or being splashed in from a puddle?

    My thought is that even cheap junk will withstand normal drops of rain but maybe its a sudden influx of water causing them to break.

    just a thought goodluck
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