Hello, Im new but have a very irritating problem that I cant even get answers from my local Electrical supply companies about.

I have 5 exterior uplight areas on my house with junction boxes that are meant for beauty and ambiance only, they are little fixtures that point the light upwards to creat a nice effect.
My problem is that the cheap flood light fixtures that my electrical guy originally installed kept burning up from rain or my sprinkler system. I switched to a cheap-o halogen type fixture from home depot that seemed more "enclosed" with a glass cover on the top of it, but bugs are attracted to it and burn up on the glass, eventually the oil from the bugs cracks the glass, water gets in and, yet again, they burn up.

I have literally re-installed probably 25 fixtures in the 3 years Ive lived in my house. Ive looked alot ****** and called around to supposed experts to ask,

"Is there a water resitant exterior uplight on the market??? Or maybe one that wont burn up when bug guts get on it???"

Alas, there is no good, or even not-good answers it seems...maybe you guys know of something that would help?

Oh, and yes, I have adjusted all of my sprinkler heads to eliminate most water hitting the fixtures. The rain gets em now.

Thanks so much!