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    I have some left over ceramic tile from my previous home improvement project. I'm planning to use them to re-tile my bathroom shower. Can I use them to tile the wall around the shower and the ceiling above the shower? I'm afraid that some day the tile will crash on me when I'm showering. Is it safe to do this?

    Thank you for all your replies. I have some ideas of what to do. In response to A. Spruce, my project will be like this. My shower area has an old vinyl/plastic tile that I want to get rid of. Since I have some left over ceramic tile (12X12) that is more than enough to cover the whole bathroom area (floor and shower) I'm thinking to do this job. The shower area is covered all around by this vinyl/plastic tile including the ceiling, of course except the side with the shower curtain. Hopefully this will give you an idea that I want to accomplish.
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