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    Default Monaco Iron Doors

    Has any one had any experience with installing a single - iron door? I am considering replacing my existing wood door with an iron and glass door from Monaco Doors. The company seems fine. But the real questions I have are...

    1. Are they safe? - They are heavy. I'd hate to get a finger cut off if ever get stuck in it.

    2. Are they good in weather? I live in Texas. They say the iron won't rust... is that true? Do you have to paint it yearly?

    3. Do you think it is something a handyman type could install?

    4. If you have an iron door, what is your opinion of them?

    Any tips would be helpful.

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    Default Re: Monaco Iron Doors

    Umm --- iron will rust being a ferrous element -- so yes you would have to ensure the finish is maintained.

    Not sure how they are made for entry doors but metal is a good thermal conductor which means they aren't very energy efficient on their own.
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