My husband and I are remodeling a home built in 1918. We added a second bathroom in an attic space on the second floor. While doing this, we had the entire house re-plumbed. The plumber was very thorough and efficient. He roughed in everything. My husband and I then tiled the floor and shower in this new upstairs bathroom. We were not living in the house at the time. Once we moved in, we noticed a sewer smell in this upstairs bathroom. We soon figured out that the trap underneath the shower drain was installed at an angle. (The space in the floor was not very deep. The plumber had us build up the toliet about 4 inches so that it would drain properly). Thus, there is water in it, but because the trap is leaning, the water does not fill the space and thus sewer gas is leaking up through this pipe. We currently have a rubber plug over the drain and just remove it when we shower. We really do not want to have to tear up the floor and shower to replace this trap. Further, due to a tornado here in Kansas, we have found that our plumber had damage to his home and has moved out of state. Is there anything we can do???? Thank you in advance for your help!