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    Default Basement hills and floor cracks

    I am in a preveously owned home that was built in 2004. The basement is partially finished. I noticed in the finished area that the floor is not flat. It has some dips in certaian areas. It is alot more prevailent in the unfinished area. Also, beside the engineered cracks, there are cracks appearing through out the unfinished area. I've been in the house now for a year and half. Some cracks have gone from 1/8 inch wide now to over 1/4 in some areas as well as the dips becoming larger. Its as if some monster is trying to come up from bebneath the floor. However, I have NOT noticed any moisture and I do have sump pump. I want to finish off the rest of this area. Should I be concerned?

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    Default Re: Basement hills and floor cracks

    Yes, you should be concerned. It sounds like there could be moisture problems and perhaps the floor wasn't installed properly.
    I would have a concrete contractor check it for you or even a waterproofing company.
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