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    Default How do I anchor a new interior wall

    12 ft high ceilings, 13 ft long, and sits on concrete floor. How do I anchor it to the studs in the wall and the ceiling joist? Also putting a man door in the middle of the wall. 2x4 insulated wall.

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    Default Re: How do I anchor a new interior wall

    If the wall falls in-between (running parallel with the joists) you should install blocking between the joists and then attach the wall to that. If the wall runs perpendicular to the ceiling joists just attach the wall directly to them. Same with the walls you will most likely need to install blocking between two studs to attach the wall to. Hope this helps you out.


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    Default Re: How do I anchor a new interior wall

    Judging from the question I would suggest they pickup a book on basic framing.

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