We recently disassembled a late 1700’s post and beam home in Freeman, Maine that had been in my wife’s family. The building was in a rather sad state of repair and needed to be moved. Much of the original wood work and finishes were still in place (grain painting and all). The purpose of my posting is to see if anyone has had any experience with “powder post beetles” and what can be used to stop them as well as the best finish to use once they’ve been treated to prevent re-infestation. A few of the hand-hewn beams have had – and still have – these pests. I notice the pin-hole marks and on one of the more heavily damaged beams I dug down in and found a few larvae – so I know it’s still an active infestation. I’ve done some web searches and found a couple of products (Bora-care for one) which sounds like it will kill the pests and prevent re-infestation. However on some University websites it sounds like possibly the best way to treat it is to just treat the obviously invested spots with poison and then seal all the wood with a wood finish. Any thoughts?? I hate to spend a bunch of money on treating all the wood with a product like Bora-care if it’s not necessary but I definitely want them gone prior to reassembling the structure. Any thoughts / comments / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Anyone with a similar experience?