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    Default How to build a touchscreen computer for your kitchen

    This is pretty cool. Imagine having a large iPhone/iPod Touch style computer imbedded in your kitchen wall (or any other room in your house).

    I can see something like this being standard in everyone's home 10 to 20 years from now. But if you're impatient, know your way around technology and rich then you can have this baby in a matter of days instead of years. :smileyhappy:

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    Default Re: How to build a touchscreen computer for your kitchen

    You do not really need any special skills with installing a touch screen PC monitor in a kitchen setting.

    Start with a standard PC which will fit under a counter or cabinet away from chemicals and areas where liquids are located. Make sure there is plenty of room for the PC not to overheat. I suggest a small form factor PC which uses notebook technology to run cooler and save power.

    After this is installed, run the serial or USB communication cord along with the 9 pin monitor cord up behind the counter to the area which you want the monitor to sit. You might have to make an access hole behind the splash plate of the counter using a low voltage access gang box and cover for neatness.

    Then, purchase a touch screen monitor from any PC supply house and connect that to the cords you have run up from the PC.

    Make sure there is Internet connectivity, install the software for the touch screen monitor, calibrate and test the monitor, and you are ready to go.

    For a keyboard, utilize the on-screen keyboard which already comes with the PC operating system. You will find the keyboard under the accessories panel through the start menu.

    A closing point: There are all-in-one touch screen PC's on the market to ease installations, but some can be costly to buy. You can also try obtaining a Point of Sale terminal, which are PC's, from any restaurant or hospitality who either changed their systems, or went out of business.

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    Default Re: How to build a touchscreen computer for your kitchen

    One easy way to do this is to mount an iPad on the wall. Although not a PC, it will give you wireless access to the Internet, and can run many apps. Click here for a photo of such an application.

    Clicke here if you just want a wall mounted docking station for your iPad.

    I can see a wall mounted iPad being an economical option to buying a dedicated computer and monitor for the kitchen.

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    Default Re: How to build a touchscreen computer for your kitchen

    this is a pointless thread for these forums, this thread is closed
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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