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    Default Dog chewed bottom corner of cabinet...

    My dogs chewed one corner of our kitchen pine cabinets. I was able to sand it down a little and fill it in with a furniture marker, so it isn't too obvious; however, the corner is definitely rounded and not squared off...is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Dog chewed bottom corner of cabinet...

    It probably isn't an easy fix but you may be able to put in a patch to square off the corner. If you use a router and a template you can remove the damaged area to make a flat clean surface to adhere a patch to. Once you have removed the damaged area you need to find a piece of wood that matches the grain pattern as closely as possible to fill it in. Glue it in place and sand it smooth so you can stain it an poly it to match. It might however not be an exact match.

    What you might want to do instead is just use a router and a round over bit or chamfering bit to knock the whole corner off the cabinet and then stain and poly to match. Hope this helps you out.

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