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    Default What source of hot water to use?

    We are installing an upstairs bathroom, bedroom, and media room in an previously unused attic. For the next 3/4 years it will serve as my daughter's bathroom/bedroom. After that it will be a guest bath/bed for company.

    As I see it my options for hot water to the bathroom are:
    1. use our current tankless heater and live with probabely a 4/5 minute delay for hot water to arrive at the faucet
    2. Install a "small" tankless in that bathroom and live with the expense of the extra electical and the system itself.
    3. Install a small 6/12 gallon hotwater heater for the bathroom, and feed it with the hotwater line from our current tankless heater.

    I'm leaning to option 3. Opinions? Has anyone done this?

    As an after thought I guess I should tell you I'm all electric.

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    Default Re: What source of hot water to use?

    Not exactly sure how it might work with a tankless water heater or if it would work (there are a couple of plumbers on the forum that will hopefully reply). They have pumps that will recirculate the water until it is hot enough and then it will come out of the faucet. So in effect it would save from having to run the water for long periods of time until it became hot. You however would still need to turn on the faucet and wait for it to get warm but no water would be running. You should check with a local Plumbing Supply House and ask them what your best bet would be. Hope this helps you out.


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