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    Default TankSure - Is It Worthwhile?


    My oil dealer has been promoting this and for a couple of years I did participate. I then wondered if it really was worth it for what it cost. Even one of their own delivery people questioned its value.
    Initially they used an instrument which I believe checked the thickness of the steel of the tank. Then yearly they dropped a metal composition "ball" into the tank that was supposed to divert corrosion away from the tank.

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    Default Re: TankSure - Is It Worthwhile?

    Hmmm --- perhaps contact your home insurer to see if they acknowledge this program and if the inspections are valid for the insurer.
    The information is pretty vague and nothing that spells out the $1,000 warranty other than the mention of it.
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    Default Re: TankSure - Is It Worthwhile?

    i have some snake oil that will keep your copper lines lubricated

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