I have a compression faucet with an 8 inch spread that's leaking water from the base of the cold water handle. I've read ****** that this is a common problem with compression faucets that should be easy to fix. But I can't pull the cold water handle off. After removing the lock nut, I should be able to pull off the handle easily but it won't budge.

Every tip I've read ****** talks about using handle pullers, but those only seem to work on older handles with a screw in the middle. I've got an L-shaped handle. The L-shaped handles don't have a spot to screw down on with handle pullers.

Delta, the faucet maker, suggested I heat up white vinegar and pour it in the top of the faucet. I've tried this and no luck yet. Anyone else have any ideas? The faucet is only 9 years old so I'm surprised it's that stuck. Many thanks in advance.