Hi everyone, I had gas meter recently installed in a place I am rehabbing. 4 total items will use gas (water heater, dryer, stove & HVAC). I told the plumber I wanted black pipe run. He mentioned he would probably opt for a manifold and steel piping. He mentioned that with a manifold gas pressure would not fluctuate. I understand that, but now I know that running pipes to each section of the basement just shot up 4 fold. He mentioned that also since I wanted the pipe run inbetween the joists he would use flexible steel. I imagine he was referring to CSST.

I am not huge on CSST after doing some research and reading how lighting strikes on houses have caused massive explosions.

Wanted to get some thoughts on what people thought? And what would typical costs be for going with rigid steel, csst and or black pipe. Main line would be probably around 25ft with the branches.