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    Default Advice for wooden threshold materials

    What materials are recommnded for a wooden threshold (approximately 8.5"x37.5"x1.5")for an exterior door?

    Also, where can you buy this threshold or material?

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    Default Re: Advice for wooden threshold materials

    I'm not sure where you could go to buy that right of the shelf. Reason being...I usually make my own if they are anything out of the ordinary.

    You could have a local custom woodworking or cabinet shop make one for you. You will have to supply all dimensions, of course.

    I cannot recommend red oak for this unless the threshold will be protected from the elements by a storm door. Red oak has virtually zero rot resistance. You might get away with it if you coat all six sides with several coats of a spar or marine varnish prior to install and renew the finish at the first signs of it wearing thru.

    Better choices would be mahogany, white oak or some nice tight grained fir. All of these are hard enough to serve as a threshold, pretty rot resistant and you should be able to find pieces of these thick enough for your purpose at a local hardwood supplier or custom cab shop. The fir might be found at a local lumberyard, but you'll have to hunt the stack for a piece with suitably tight grain. (An appropriate varnish will still be necessary.)
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