I have purchased a beautiful solid oak dining room table and china buffet. Approx. 30/+ years Not sure of finish. Do not want to remove stain color. Need to keep color to match buffet. Appears the person used inexpensive polish and then laid the protective pad straight on the table. The finish is not soft, just looks marred by the padding. The table has inlay wood and you can tell when it was purchased it was an expensive set. Very heavy for a table. I want to remove the finish coat but not the stain color. I would never be able to match the color. I assumed that the finish coat is lacquer, because of the age. There is no yellowing of the finish or anything like that. It does have a high gloss finish. Although I don't know if someone put another finish coat on top of existing one. How can I tell and what can I use to strip away the top finish coat without removing stain color?