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    Default Old hot water heat radiator valves

    My first time let's give it a try!! I have hot water radiator heat and the radiator valves are frozen, either open or closed. I have taken them apart for service and some need parts....broken shafts, missing valve sleeve, etc. Where can I find good used parts or new? Is there such a thing a a retro valve replacement inserts (into the body???) Any help is appreciated!! (Simplex valves, Pat., June 1896)

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    Default Re: Old hot water heat radiator valves

    Yes there are. Do a google search for Thermo radiator valves - some brands are danfoss, or try Macon - they would have what you're looking for.

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    Default Re: Old hot water heat radiator valves

    Also try local used plumbing supply shops, house demolition companies, salvage yards---many times the large number of cast iron rads they collect still have the valves attached, which they are willing to sell.

    Some people use new ball valves---at $10 a pop they're a hell of a lot less expensive than traditional valves.

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