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    I have recently removed the "popcorn" ceiling over the hallway in my house. What are my options for covering the ugly drywall left behind? It was not finished very well (loose tape, mud is not smooth over nails or joints) and I would like to incorporate it into the kitchen area when some of the walls are removed. The kitchen has a smooth ceiling. Thanks for your advice.

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    Skim coating sounds like your best option.
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    home depot rents a porter cable drywall sander, set it on three and sand as smooth as you can get without fuzzing the paper of the drywall then skim coat, it is better to use a couple of thin coats then it is to try to do one heavy coat. sand between each coat. also don't paint with a gloss paint because a gloss will show all the imperfections.

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    Yes, I would agree on the skim coat option. But I would suggest a couple of things to do in advance.

    Pull out the loose tape and retape and mud those joints. See if you can sand down a little some of the roughness of the mud up there now.

    Usually, when you remove popcorn, you will have a fair amount of dust left on the surface of the drywall. You don't want to skim directly over that because you won't get a secure bond. (I've learned this the hard way.)

    So, get a bucket of water and big sponge. Wet the sponge, squeeze out the excess water, and start in a corner and wipe the ceiling.

    You'll see the sponge loading up with white mud immediately, so rinse your sponge frequently (and change your water frequently also). After the ceiling is cleaned (and dry), you can do the repairs, the sanding and start the skim coat.

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