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    Default Washing machine in basement- need pump

    I want to move our laundry room from the main floor of the house to the basement. The laundry room area on the main floor is tiny; can barely stand in there with the washer & dryer, and there's no room for a washtub/slop sink. Plenty of room for all of that in the basement.

    The waste stack for the house exits the house through the basement wall, about 3 feet up from the floor, straight out to the septic tank. With the washer on the basement floor, I'll need to pump the waste water up to meet the stack coming down from upstairs. What type of pump do I need for this, and where can I obtain one?


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    Default Re: Washing machine in basement- need pump

    You need a submersable sump pump and a horizontal check on your ejection line. There are some manufacturers Zoeler for instance that have a kit with everything included except the power, floor patch, and the pipe. It still needs to be vented through the roof or you can install a air admittance valve if they are approved in your area.
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