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    Default total kitchen remodel- reuse my old cabinets?

    Hello friends, I'm a newbie here. I'm totally not a DIY'er and my DH is too busy to be able to do the remodel so we are hiring a kitchen designer and contractor. Our current kitchen is well built but worn, but I need a 34" countertop and it has 38"! New cabinets are going to be wicked, wicked expensive (we are hoping to use the most eco-friendly cabinets possible and avoid off-gassing and sustainably grown materials). One thought is to remove our current, solid plywood boxes, cut down the footer, reconfigure them, change the layout/drawers, put on new countertops, and voila, new kitchen, old cabinets. Have any of you done anything like this, and would it be more expensive in labor than it would be to get new? We can only afford MDF cabinets if we buy new (and we'll have to do one whole wall in Ikea cabinets).
    thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: total kitchen remodel- reuse my old cabinets?

    I know one company that do Ready to assemble cabinets.
    Pricing is affordable, i highly recommanded,


    try this website,

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    Default Re: total kitchen remodel- reuse my old cabinets?

    If you were doing it yourself and didn't count your labor, your recycling plan might work, but I'm afraid hiring desassemling, cutting down, and reconfiguring cabinets will end up costing you more than readymade.

    I'm also curious why you are going from one non-standard height to another non-standard height?
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    Default Re: total kitchen remodel- reuse my old cabinets?


    This piece might help a bit: http://www.josephfusco.org/Articles/...e%20Overs.html

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