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    Question Drywall adhesive

    I recently removed wood veneer paneling from drywall but now I have a lot of glue/adhesive patches. How can I safely remove?

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    Default Re: Drywall adhesive

    I hope someone has a really good answer for you! Because I am also pulling down old paneling and I have the same problem!!!

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    Default Re: Drywall adhesive

    Success will depend on the amount of glue used and whether or not the wall was painted prior to the glue application.

    You can usually get under the glue and peel it off with a drywall knife. This will generally tear the surface paper off along the lines of the glue. Once the majority of the glue is removed, a skim coat or "float" of drywall topping compound (aka "mud" ) over the damaged areas. If the wall was textured, it will be easiest to float the entire wall smooth and retexture than to try to match texture over patches.

    You will likely need to apply several skim coats before the wall is smooth enough to continue. Sc**** a drywall knife over the wall between coats to knock off any ridges or bumps. Lightly sand the final coat if necessary, to further smooth ridges, bumps, or shadows. Apply texture or paint the wall. If texturing, it is easier to thin down topping compound than to use dry mix texture. It is best to use a professional texture sprayer.

    When painting, use two coats of a good primer such as Zinnser's Bullseye 123 (blue label ). You want each coat to be as even as possible, shadowing will telegraph through the finish paint. After the primer, use two coats of a good, name brand paint such as Kelly Moore, Dunn Edwards, or Sherwin Williams, again, applying as evenly as possible.

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